Our state-of-the-art braiding technology, world-class expertise, and full-service suite of integrated processes combine to deliver exceptional results – all under one roof. See how we can solve your biggest product engineering challenges while improving performance and profits.

Start With Precisely-Tailored Fibers.

The foundation of any composite structure is fiber, and nobody is better suited to design and build that architecture than our team. As part of a company with over 70 years of global leadership in technical fabric innovation, we can optimize your fiber content and placement to exceed the most demanding specifications.

See how customized fiber can drive performance using Braided Composites.

Our exclusive overbraiding technologies are your competitive advantage.

Dramatic improvements in performance and cost are the proven result when our proprietary, world-class braiding equipment and processes replace conventional production methods. Highly-automated, programmable overbraiders create near-net-shape structures with less labor, higher throughput, and reliable reproducibility – even with complex geometries.

Discover the competitive and business advantages of Over-braiding to take your opportunities to the next level.

A team with deep knowledge exceeded only by their passion to innovate.

Our people don’t simply deliver on your needs. We internalize them. That helps us envision unexpected possibilities and harness the power of invention again and again. We are scientists, engineers, partners and ambassadors—all focused on the next challenge you bring us.

Discover a wealth of insight in technical Publications from our experts.

Realize the rewards of synergy with all key processes integrated under one roof – ours.

The comprehensive capabilities we’ve assembled at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility deliver best-value solutions for even your toughest challenges. From product engineering and process design through curing, assembly, and finishing—our investments will add to your returns.

Learn more about our full-service array of Integrated Processes.

What you value most, we'll get you more of.

LIGHTER. STRONGER. FASTER. TOUGHER. LOWER-COST. Our team can produce most complex parts in near-net-shape form with dramatic improvement in the performance measure that means the most to you. We can do it using fewer raw materials with less waste, or with less touch-labor in an automated, repeatable process with higher throughput — lowering your cost to produce. Your most important goal drives the improvements we design and deliver.

Read about our team’s development of a low-cost, high-performance braided Aerospace Stiffener.

See how you can gain dramatic improvements in performance at lower cost.

Every challenge we overcome, every success we enjoy, and every relationship we value, starts with a single contact. Discover how we can provide best-value solutions to you today!