Our 63,000 square-foot facility in Statesville, North Carolina was designed to be the very model for a composites business offering a complete continuum of services and technologies for transforming raw material into finished composite structures ready for use — literally, From Fiber to Final Part — under one roof.

The vast majority of our space is used for production — a “shop floor” filled with computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery or similarly-automated equipment operated by skilled technicians. Our processes are designed to optimize the use of technology and automation in order to minimize labor and its cost while increasing quality. Automation improves quality by virtue of precision, repeatability, and consistency.

Our capital program routinely invests in new or upgraded machinery and replacement technologies to bring new or expanded capabilities online for our customers. Our approach anticipates and prepares for the future of high-volume production of composite structures.

A Whole Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Our facility reflects our values and our operating philosophy.

The core value of our organization comes from the ingenuity embodies by our research and development professionals, who work in dedicated space designed to support inquiry, experimentation, modeling, prototyping, and testing.

Beyond the essential import of R&D, the hallmark of our business is our full-suite of Integrated Processes organized throughout our facility to optimize collaborative flow. These processes include:

  • Fiber design and creation
  • Design and manufacture of tooling, molds, and preforms
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Conventional composites methods, including filament winding and lamination
  • Resin infusion and molding
  • Composite ovens and autoclave curing
  • Finishing and assembly of final products

Such a wide continuum of capabilities is seldom found outside of major aerospace organizations, and represents a key distinguishing benefit to help us solve our customers’ biggest challenges.

Room to Grow

In operation since 2015, plans are already in place to expand our facility to accommodate high-volume production. When fully implemented, additions to the footprint of our existing building will yield approximately 190,000 square feet and allow Highland to meet the supply needs of large, long-term programs.