Our Team

Success is built on more than state-of-the-art facilities and a remarkable, comprehensive suite of technologies and capabilities. Success is the direct result of people with talent and motivation to deliver.

Our team of industry leaders provides our customers with a treasure trove of talent and experience in applied research, innovative design, product development, process engineering, and real-world manufacturing.

Ultimately, our success is built upon our dedication to finding innovative solutions to your biggest challenges.


David Jackson – President and Chief Operating Officer, Highland Industries, Inc.

David New – Vice President, Highland Composites


Guillermo Borges – Product Manager, Sales

Bob Guilliams – Intelli-Pole ® (West US)

David Dean – Intelli-Pole ® (East US)


David Branscomb, Ph.D. – Director of Product Development


Charles Hornick – Controller

Karina Radiati – Human Resources Generalist

Our Promise

At Highland Composites, every job begins with an understanding of your unique needs. Then it becomes an invention challenge — and a relationship.

From first handshake to final delivery, our customers will see creativity, diligence, and energy every time we interact with them. Everyone on our team believes “good enough” is never good enough.

We don’t simply deliver on your needs. We internalize them. That helps our team see unexpected possibilities and exceed expectations time and again.