Lacrosse Shaft Weight & Buying Guide

Which composite lacrosse shaft is the best to use? Lacrosse is a popular team sport played with a lacrosse stick and lacrosse ball, which is made from rubber. Two teams compete against one another with each having ten players.

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The aim is to get the ball into the goal and score the most points to win the game. Players use a long stick with a net called a lacrosse shaft. The stick is made from plastic and has a molded head attached to it. The head and shaft can be purchased together or separately; the choice is yours. However, the market is flooded with many sticks and shafts and it’s overwhelming.

With so many combinations of shafts and heads to choose from, buying can be a difficult task for some. The lacrosse shaft should be chosen based on the position being played by the player. The lacrosse shafts or handles are made from a hollow metal, such as aluminum, titanium, scandium, and other alloys. These are usually octagonal and are shaped to provide a better grip for players during the game. They can also be made from wood, plastic, and fiberglass.

So, what do you need to know about the shaft weight and what to look for when buying?

The Different Types of Lacrosse Shafts

Choosing a lacrosse shaft can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and it’s easy to get confused over which is the best. However, it’s essential to understand the different types of shafts available and how they’re made. Every shaft is made differently and some are made from composite materials such as carbon fiber, while others are made from aluminum.

Follow us to find out more about each type of shaft.

  • Aluminum: Any player can use aluminum shafts, but are most popular with entry-level players. An aluminum shaft is lightweight and easy to handle but not as durable as composite shafts. These sticks don’t have a natural grip so they are enhanced with grip technology and will need to be taped during the colder weather.
  • Titanium: Titanium shafts are popular for their superior strength and used for defensive position play. These shafts provide a higher strength to weight ratio compared to aluminum.
  • Scandium: Scandium shafts known for their durability and performance. These offer great agility and faster movement. They offer the best strength to weight ratio which makes them ideal for elite-level participants.
  • Composite: Composite shafts are lightweight and have a long playing life. Composite shafts are made of carbon fiber and constructed in layers which adds to their strength and last longer than metal shafts. Some carbon fiber shafts are tapered and that benefits the player while shooting and passing. Also, it helps to offer more control and strength during play. These are highly flexible and durable and bend and snap back into place. Greater velocity is added to a shot which enhances the shot speed of a player while passing or shooting. These are perfect for attack or offensive lacrosse position play.
  • Alloy:  Alloy shafts are made from a combination of mixed metals. These are lightweight and versatile and are preferred for offensive play in lacrosse.
  • Wood: Wood is used by some female players and the most durable. These are heavy and preferred for a defensive lacrosse position.

Durability Means Everything

Durability is often dependent on the materials used to make the lacrosse shaft. The type of shaft chosen will impact the durability of the shafts and that’s crucial to understand. Lacrosse shafts are made well, but there are some which are better than others. Also, some carbon fiber shafts offer better speed shots and accuracy than others. It’ll all depend on how the shaft is made.

Also, the shape and thickness are important to consider. Whether you’re buying carbon fiber shafts, alloy, or another type, you have to look at its durability.

The Shaft Weight

The weight of lacrosse shafts can vary from 5.5 ounces to 17 ounces. The player position and personal preference will determine the weight of the shaft. Lacrosse attackers often prefer the lightest weight shaft possible, while defenders prefer heavier ones. This is often a personal choice so you have to decide what you feel is best for your play.

The Size and Shape

The next factor is picking a good-shaped shaft. These are based on player preference and what fits your hand best. Octagonal is the most popular and preferred shape in lacrosse. In terms of size, it’s dependent on the position of the player. Younger players will, of course, be better suited to youth sticks; however, it’s still possible to use a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft and is worth considering. Age, height, and gender may also be contributing factors to the type of lacrosse shafts chosen.

In lacrosse, attackers and midfielders use a short lacrosse stick, usually between 40 and 42 inches in size. Defensive participants in lacrosse use lacrosse shafts that measure between 52 and 72 inches. Goalies can use lacrosse shafts that measure between 40 and 72 inches. However, lacrosse shafts vary considerably.

A woman’s lacrosse shaft can measure between 35.5 and 43.25 inches. Youth players require a lacrosse shaft that can be handled comfortably, regardless of the position they play in. Carbon lacrosse shafts will, of course, vary in length, so it’s crucial to choose a shaft that’s suitable for your style of play.

The Finish and Grip

In lacrosse, lacrosse shafts must be comfortable to use so the finish or the grip is essential; however, it’s a personal preference of each player. The surface texture is enhanced through grip technology and it’s very useful. Before the introduction of tactile and sandblasted grips, people used to tape their sticks.

The Lacrosse Head

The lacrosse head comes in contact with the ball and these can be flexible or stiff. Lacrosse heads can be customized based on the personal preference of the player. A flexible head is a good choice for attackers and midfielders. These are lightweight; however, stiff heads are great for defensive moves and scooping the ball.

The experience level and age of the player matters a lot before purchasing the right lacrosse shaft and head. The experience level of the player matters a lot before purchasing a lacrosse shaft and head.

What’s the Best Lacrosse Shaft?

There are a variety of shafts available to choose from, including:

  • East Coast Dyes Carbon (All Rights Reserved)
  • Maverik A1 (All Rights Reserved)
  • The Epoch Dragonfly (All Rights Reserved)
  • Nike Vapor Elite (All Rights Reserved)

Buying a shaft or a lacrosse stick will depend on several factors, such as the type of player you are, the position you play, and of course, the weight of the shaft. Prices for lacrosse shafts vary considerably and everyone will have an opinion over what’s really the best. That’s why you have to look at a wide variety of shafts to find the most suitable ones for your lacrosse game play. Carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are hugely popular too and they might prove to be worth investing in as well.

Why not follow us and enjoy a game of lacrosse?

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Are Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts Good?

Buying a carbon fiber lacrosse shaft can be a smart idea for players everywhere because it’s stronger than metal and very resilient also. Carbon fiber is tough and that means fewer breakages occur. Of course, even with carbon lacrosse shafts, breakages can happen but are few and far between. That’s why composite sticks have become vastly popular in the game of lacrosse.

Remember, lacrosse is a competitive and fast-moving game so a good shaft is required. No matter which position you play in, you need a good lacrosse shaft. A composite or carbon fiber shaft is stronger and a good option for any player.

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Lacrosse shafts must meet your requirements as a player. It’s essential to buy one which is effective for your style of play and help enhance your game. Composite is a vastly popular shaft, but there are many more available and it’s essential to look at all types. Also, you have to consider the weight of the composite lacrosse shaft as well as a variety of other things, including size and costs. Lacrosse is a popular sport and the right shafts will make a world of difference.

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