Have you thought about reading Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner reviews? A composite deck is a wonderful feature of any home, but unfortunately, it’s often left exposed to the elements. That presents a problem. Being outdoors leaves decking vulnerable to rain, sleet, and snow, and that’s all before the sun has its say. After a while, wood fades and when mold mildew takes hold, you have a real fight on your hands.

Unfortunately, people don’t clean their decking as often as they should and when they do, the wrong cleaning solution is used. Composite surfaces are quite unique; they’re almost sensitive in terms of what can be used to clean them. You have to be extra careful of which deck cleaner to use. A composite deck cleaner is a vital component in keeping your deck spotlessly clean. Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner is one solution to consider. You may want to read a few reviews to see what others have to say too.

So, how to clean a composite deck and is Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner the best to use?

What Is Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner?

Calcium hypochlorite bleach is widely used to clean decks, but it’s not always the best cleaning solution. Cleaning ingredients are often harsh and cause damage to the wood decking. It’s the same with pressure washers; they shouldn’t be used on a composite deck either. An effective cleaner is required and Superdeck is a big brand in the decking industry. Superdeck is a great deck cleaner solution to consider.

The Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner removes a variety of tough surface stains, such as dirt, mold mildew, food and drink spillages, and even grease stains. Its cleaning ingredients are effective and not as harsh as some standard cleaning products, including bleach. Superdeck has a unique formula and uses oxygen bleach technology to tackle the toughest of surface stains. When the deck cleaner is applied, water releases oxygen, making it an effective stain remover. It’s even effective on vinyl fences and doesn’t contain any calcium hypochlorite bleach either.

How to Apply Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner

The deck cleaner is incredibly easy to use. You’ll need to decide if you’re going to clean the entire decking area or just the parts which are heavily stained. If you have furniture on the decking, you’ll need to cover it or remove it from the area. Next, cover the parts of the decking which aren’t going to be cleaned; this also goes for plants and shrubbery nearby. Remember, the oxygen bleach technology is only suited for cleaning wood composite surfaces; you don’t want to spill on any other surfaces.

Next, fill a bucket with warm water and pour some of the Superdeck cleaner into the bucket; this will dilute the solution. You can mop or spray the solution onto the decking; try to be as thorough as you can and cover the entire area in full (the parts you want to be cleansed). Allow the deck cleaner to stand for around fifteen or twenty minutes, but don’t let it dry in. If you need to rewet the area to prevent the cleaner from drying in, you could do so. Gently scrub the decking with a brush and rinse away the excess solution. Repeat if necessary.

You could always try a test run to see how effective the cleaning solution is. Also, you should look at the cleaning ingredients to ensure you’re not allergic to any of them. It doesn’t hurt to read reviews about what others say about Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaners either. This may allow you to build an idea of what you’ll achieve with the product.


If used correctly, Superdeck is safe to use. However, for safety, it should be used only in small areas at any one time. For instance, instead of covering a large decking area with the cleaner, do so in sections so that you can safely complete the work. Also, don’t use any chlorine bleach or other cleaners alongside Superdeck (it may cause the wood to become lighter I appearance). Superdeck cleans the wood effectively and gives back its natural shine. It’ll look and feel brand new again.

What is the best composite deck cleaner to use?

  • Superdeck Deck Wash
  • Superdeck Exterior Wood Cleaner
  • Superdeck Stain and Sealer Remover

There are many more options to consider but these are a few of the best one’s available today. If you want to know more about them, it’s wise to read a few reviews to get a feel of what each has to offer. Another popular option is Olympic, but is Olympic Deck Cleaner just bleach?

Olympic is a major name within the industry. It’s a premium brand and on the surface, it looks good; however, it contains bleach or sodium hypochlorite. While it may deal with some stains it may also discolor the wood (lighten it). Olympic is an aggressive cleaner, but when it comes to dealing with a composite deck, it mightn’t be the best solution. You may want to read some reviews and compare Olympic to Superdeck and other cleaners. The reviews might shed some light on your options.

How To Deal With Fading Decking or Fencing?

Composite decks can fade over time. Scorching heat, severe snow and ice storms can cause discoloration to occur. If not treated immediately, food and drink stains can also cause the wood to look dull.

  • Minor spills can be covered up by chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces, but in time, it’ll be impossible to hide. When the wood starts to fade to a pale shade of gray, it looks bad; it looks tired and outdated, but there’s no need to replace it just yet. It is possible to restore decking to its former glory. Use a deck cleaner and then apply a restorer like Superdeck Composite Wood Stain. If you’re interested, read a few reviews to see what it can offer.
  • Remember to cover all the areas and things that aren’t getting stained and ensure it’s a composite deck stain you’re using. Superdeck is a fantastic brand and easy to use. Apply evenly throughout and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. After thirty minutes or so, brush away any pooling from the decking or excess stain. Essentially, once the wood stain has been applied, it doesn’t usually need to be reapplied again for a year or so, depending on the weather. A composite deck finish could be used to seal the wood stain. 
  • Proper maintenance is necessary. Once restored, the decking can look brand new again; however, Maintaining the decking is easy to do and doesn’t need to happen too often. This isn’t something you need to do every day or even every week, but rather, once a month, depending on the weather and overall condition. If you notice any stains, try cleaning it up immediately.
  • Wipe up  foods and drinks. If you spill food or drinks, try to wipe them up with water and a soft cloth to prevent stains from forming. If you can, wipe away as soon as they occur. Sweep away dirt and debris every weekend and add a protective wood stain to keep it looking fresh and appealing. Also, remove any snow and ice – if you can – immediately when it’s safe to do so.
  • Use the Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner. You could use the Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner once a month if you wanted to maintain it well, but this is your choice. Also, if you have furniture on the decking, place furniture pads underneath and that may avoid drag marks and scratches to the wood surface.

What’s the best stain for composite decking? There are several options, including Behr Premium Advanced Deckover Stain and Superdeck Deck Semi-Transparent Stain. Use one most suited to your decking; reading a few reviews might also help you decide.

Find the Best Cleaner for Your Deck

Finding a suitable cleaning solution for composite decking and vinyl fencing is essential and a lot easier than you think. People often use the wrong products to remove grease stains and mold mildew and end up having to replace the entire decking. It’s unfortunate and unnecessary. Superdeck Composite Deck Cleaner could be one of the better solutions available. It’s fast, effective, and can improve the finish of the decking. Why not read a Superdeck Cleaner review to see what others are saying.